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At the NYU School of Professional Studies Center for Applied Liberal Arts (CALA), it is our deep belief that critical thinking; language proficiency; and the ability to write succinctly, clearly, and persuasively are fundamental to the advancement of any career. The study of history, literature, music, philosophy—in sum, the humanities—not only enriches our existence but also strengthens and promotes our professional lives. When surveyed, employers list strong communication skills along with sensitivity to ethical and multicultural issues as qualities they seek in employees. Our key mission is to help our students capitalize on employers' current aspirations for "creative" solutions to their business challenges. We are your liaison between the pursuit of artistic ideals and their application in the real world.

Degree Program

MS in Professional Writing

A distinctly unique program of study in the US and overseas, the MS in Professional Writing is offered fully online. Its innovative curriculum explores the fine art and science of the written word while meeting the strategic communication needs of today's diverse and rapidly changing marketplace.
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Professional Pathways

Career Advancement & Personal Enrichment Courses

We offer Career Advancement and Personal Enrichment Programs in the humanities, art, foreign languages, translation, interpreting, professional communication, creative writing, and publishing that will enhance your career and enrich your life.
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Degree Program

MS in Translation

The MS in Translation readies students for successful careers in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. It provides expert preparation for a broad array of translation needs in today's global economy while perfecting the transformative craft of communication across languages. Four language pairs are offered.
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Professional Pathways

Diploma Programs

Our Diploma Programs provide the knowledge base and skill sets for careers in growing industries. These job-training based courses of study, most of which can be completed in one or two semesters, are taught by leading experts in their fields and offer a comprehensive career development component.
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Foreign Language Proficiency Testing

Our comprehensive and respected program offers tests in more than 50 languages.
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