Associate Dean's Message


Welcome to the NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies. Our Division has a special and unique mission—to provide undergraduate pathways for post-traditional students to study and earn their degree at NYU. What is a Post-traditional student? It is someone who—for any number of reasons—may have delayed pursing their associates degree or who started a bachelors degree, but then stopped out. 

If this sounds like you, regardless of your reasons for pursuing a less traditional path to your higher education, our programs will meet your needs no matter where you are in your life, your education, or your career.

Our associates degrees afford students, with no previous or minimal college experience, to begin their educational journey at NYU, building the foundation for additional study or preparing them for a fulfilling career. Students who have earned an associates degree or at least 60 transferable college credits, can enroll in the Division and complete their bachelors degree in one of our humanities, social sciences or professional degree programs.

As a Division, we are committed to providing students with opportunities to explore how their learning in the classroom can be applied to the world in which they live, work, and create. Together with faculty members who are seasoned researchers and practitioners, and supported by attentive and caring advisers, our students have the chance to fulfill their potential in pursuit of their educational goals.

I encourage you to envision yourself as a member of our vibrant and diverse community, and look forward to welcoming you as a new student.


Billie Gastic, PhD
Associate Dean and Clinical Associate Professor
Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies
NYU School of Professional Studies