Panel 2 - The Generation Gap: What Educators are Doing to Evolve Professional Education and Career Readiness

What are the generational differences (perceptions and needs) for higher and professional education? Are Millennials really lost? How can educators help to support this generation to succeed professionally? How does online education impact professional education trends across generations? How can higher education and industry start to prepare for Gen Z now? These were just some of the questions addressed by a panel of education experts who brought diverse views to a conversation that is required in order for professional education to move forward.

Panelists: Jay Bhatt, president and CEO, Blackboard Inc; Jordan Goldman, founder, Unigo, and vice president of business development, Unigo Group; Lawrence Ingrassia, deputy managing editor of The New York Times (moderator); Matthew Philips, associate editor, Bloomberg Businessweek; Peter Stokes, managing director, Huron Education, Huron Consulting Group Inc.; and Paul Taylor, senior fellow, Pew Research Center

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