Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Successful completion of the Core curriculum is required of all degree-seeking students enrolled in the Division. The Core will prepare you to write effectively and think analytically, while introducing you to various fields of study in the liberal arts. You will learn about the role of historical and global developments in shaping the contemporary world and analyze social issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives. You also will build quantitative reasoning skills and will be introduced to trends in scientific development and various genres in the arts, literature, and music.

8-10 Credits. The following courses may be required based upon a writing placement assessment and must be successfully completed within the first three semesters.

4 Credits. Students are required to take the following course.

Course Title Credits
HUMN1-UC6401 Online Course Critical Thinking 4.0

4 Credits. Students take Math 1 and Math II or one of the following other courses based upon a math placement assessment in close consultation with their adviser,.

4 Credits.  Students choose one of the following courses in consultation with their adviser.

12 Credits.  Students choose one course from each of the following categories in consultation with their adviser.

Historical Perspectives

Global Perspectives

Literary and Artistic Expressions