Bachelors Degrees

Marquee Programs of Study for Degree Completers

Many individuals stop out of college for different reasons—work, family obligations, finances. If you are thinking about returning to school to complete your degree and you have already earned more than 60 transferable college credits, our bachelors degrees may be the right option for you.

The NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies offers eight bachelors of science degrees in a variety of emerging industries: the BS in Applied Data Analytics and Visualization (STEM), the BS in Digital Communications and Media (STEM), the BS in Healthcare Management, the BS in Information Systems Management (STEM), the BS in Leadership and Management Studies, the BS in Marketing Analytics, and the BS in Real Estate. Each of these degrees offers a wealth of concentrations that allow you to hone your skills and expertise in a very specific area of study, affording you the option to launch your career, excel in your current career, or change careers.  

Three bachelors of arts degrees are available: the BA in Applied General Studies, which provides an interdisciplinary approach to earning your degree; the BA in Humanities, which offers concentrations in four areas of study; and the BA in Social Sciences, which provides a diverse range of academic choices—from anthropology to sociology.

Global LearningOur programs prepare you for the challenge and the opportunities of a globalized world. Students enrolled in our bachelors degree programs have the opportunity to study away to enrich their learning and to broaden their horizons. NYU offers two portal campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, as well as academic centers around the world where you can immerse yourself in the business and culture of a truly global education.