BS in Information Systems Management (STEM)

BS in Information Systems Management

BS in Information Systems Management

The BS in Information Systems Management offers an opportunity to develop the expertise necessary for the successful deployment of new technologies. You will learn how to design, operate, and evaluate competitive technology alternatives to meet an organization’s needs. You also will learn the basic concepts of computer technology and how to apply it accurately and appropriately in workplace settings, including planning for disaster recovery and continuity of operations. You will be introduced to changing trends in computer technology and their future impacts, as well as the legal and ethical issues regarding the handling of data. You also will hone critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills that are needed to successfully address complex challenges in the workplace.

Graduates of this program may pursue careers in local, state, or federal government; nonprofit organizations; the private sector; or cultural institutions.

Curriculum Requirements Overview Credits
Core Curriculum 32-34
Liberal Arts Electives 16
Required Courses 16
Information Systems Management Foundation Courses 24
Advanced Information Systems Management Courses 20
Electives in Information System Management 16
Graduation Project 4
Total Required Credits 128-130


Course Locations: Daytime classes are held at the NYU Midtown Center, evening and Saturday classes are held mainly in the Washington Square area, while others may be held at 7 East 12th Street, downtown at the Woolworth Building, and online.

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