Noncredit Certificates


NYUSPS noncredit certificates have served generations of students in their quest to attain educational credentials that build their résumé and their level of expertise. As the demands of industry in New York, the U.S., and the world change, the School is phasing out these certificates and introducing new study options in the form of Diploma Programs that serve to provide the skills sets, the job training, and the career development that are most relevant in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

NOTE: Students who have declared certificate candidacy have been contacted as to their options for completion. For your convenience, we have posted a PDF of the Certificate Programs in their last iteration, which was published in the Summer 2015 Bulletin. Please follow this as a guide to complete you certificate program of study, which you have two years from the beginning of Fall 2015 to do.

We urge those students who are enrolled in individual courses and not in certificates to continue their education through our cadre of Career Advancement Courses, or by applying for entrance into one of our new Diploma Programs.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Noncredit Student Services at 212-998-7200 or at