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The NYU School of Professional Studies admissions team looks forward to learning more about you. During your course of study, your knowledge and interests will expand, and your self-confidence will increase. The admissions team is honored to be able to assist you with the first steps towards academic, personal, and professional transformation.

Please contact us with questions and concerns, or to talk further about your academic and/or financial aid decisions.

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Address: 7 East 12th Street, Suite 921
New York, NY 10003
Hours: Mon.–Thurs., 9 a.m.–6 p.m. | Fri., 9–5 p.m.
Walk-ins are welcome anytime during these hours.

By Phone: (212) 998-7100

Cynthia Perez

Director of Admissions

Linda Nicholas

Associate Director, Admissions and Financial Aid

Darlene Passarelle

Assistant Director of Admissions

Bonni Bergenn

Admissions Officer
Integrated Marketing (A-D), Management and Systems (U-Z), Public Relations and Corporate Communications (A-K), Publishing: Digital and Print Media, Summer Publishing Institute, Translation

Ashley Berman

Admissions Officer
Integrated Marketing (I-L), Public Relations and Corporate Communications (L-Z), Project Management (A-G), Sports Business

Alicia Houser

Global Affairs (A-K), Hospitality Industry Studies, Integrated Marketing (Y,Z), Management and Systems (L-T), Tourism Management, Project Management (P-Z)

Alexandra Menzel

Admissions Officer
Integrated Marketing (E-H), Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Construction Management

David Querusio

Admissions Officer
Global Affairs (L-Z), Integrated Marketing (M-S), Professional Writing

Sherril Walker-Ward

Admissions Officer
Human Resource Management and Development, Integrated Marketing (T-X), Management and Systems (A-K), Project Management (H-O)